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Kitten Sized Manticores
Spotted Near Enchanted Forest!
- by Addison the half Elfboy

Kitten sized manticores have been showing up at the edge of the enchanted forest,  know how to tame these wild, yet mini beasts. Before we start I would like to describe to you what a manticore looks like. Manticores have over-sized manlike heads, which are covered with a scraggly-haired mane. The manticore has 3 sharp rows of teeth, that are used to tear, bite, and chew whatever you may present it with. As for its body, the manticore’s back is tawny and it has big dish sized paws that will crush most anything in their way. One of the most bold features of the manticore is it’s tail, on the end of it is a ball which is made of a mass of bane and fur. Manticores are somewhat loyal, but not overly friendly, they are also untrustworthy when it comes to favors. Manticores, in this case being how small they are will try to “eat” you but really they will only bite, scratch, and bruise you if not tamed. To treat manticore bites and scratches you will need to boil 20 large honeysuckle blossoms in water, for exactly 2 minutes, then add some raspberries (whole) and boil for 1 more minute. When these steps are completed pour the “ointment” into a small bowl, drain some of the water out, and crush together the honeysuckles and the raspberries. When you complete these stages you should have a paste. Rub this onto your scratches for immediate relief. To treat bruises put some ice on the bruises after washing them off. To get a manticore quiet enough to live with give it a treat (such as pieces of ham or any other meat) whenever it is quiet, eventually stop giving out the treats, your manticore will be trained, but every once in a while treat it, so it will always be on the lookout for treats. Before I tell you how to tame a manticore, you will need to know how to train it to be housebroken (to be able to use the litter box) first, find its favorite treat, most manticores favor food from salted pork to salty berry bush leaves (most of the foods they favor are somewhat rare.) Then whenever it uses the litter box (you will have to display this in an open area, and maybe paste it to the floor so the manticore doesn’t try to eat it) give it a small piece of its food. So when it needs to go to the bathroom, it definitely won’t hesitate. To block the manticore’s loud voice you may need sheep skin ear plugs, commonly found at the Magic Marketplace, to plug up your ears, eventually the manticore will notice that you have stopped listening to it when it yells and might start to talk quieter. Finally to tame your manticore do all of this, and provide it with a nice bed, also to prevent bruises get a sheep skin pocket and wrap it around the tail of your manticore while it is sleeping (so now when it hits you with the ball on its tail, it will feel like a pillow or a hard blanket.) Provide your manticore with food and shelter, and it may be a comfort to live with when tamed.

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Walking Trees Roam Again!!!

Great Goblins! In the past few weeks the people of Greater Greensward have had several complaints pertaining to walking trees roaming the forests. There’s nothing to fear but their presence in your garden can be quite bothersome. These trees have been seen along the west side of the forest near all the major rivers and streams. You can spot them by their lack of leaves in the spring and summer. They look like any other tree in the fall and winter. This is because they use up all of the water they soak up on the energy to walk, not to grow and feed leaves. The ends of their branches are quite sharp to. This makes them able to defend themselves against no-good mythical creatures they come to meet.

They usually uproot in the warmer sides of the year in search of the pure and clean water which is ideal for them to soak up with helps them walk. Why have we only had complaints now? Well to answer your question the neighboring kingdoms have had a shortage of the clean water due to an incident involving some young giants in need of an immediate bath. If these trees have rooted in your garden it is just because they need help and don’t have a supply of water to keep them going. If this happens to you send them to my home, the tiny yellow cottage by the river. I have just the remedy to keep them back on their toes and out of your way!

                                                                                                         Until next time,
Weetle Finnigan
Above the Heads of Greater Greensward
- with RaeMaeKae

Now, every feudal kingdom knows that the biggest fashion icon around is none other than the queen! Queen Chartreuse has been seen in more and more flowers now that the curse on her family that the rest of the population thought of as an allergy has been lifted-what a tale! But flowers definitely complement Chartreuse’s blond hair and lovely face. If I were to design a hat for Her Royal Highness it would be something elegant and bright that she could wear to the next jousting tournament for people from all over to see.

Witches’ hats depend totally on the witch, because all are different. Some witches prefer shades of brown in all aspects of their wardrobes; however others, like our Green Witch, Princess Emerelda, or her aunt Princess Grassina, incorporate more color, in their cases a lot of green. Witches’ hats, particularly when purchased from Eleanor Spellbinder, usually have magical uses that are difficult for many witches to do with magic alone, or by an untrained witch. Common enchantments for hats include invisibility, protection against spells cast by other witches, and the ability to breath underwater. Although most witches who don’t care about fashion choose hats for their magical purposes, style-wise I suggest increasing color and giving anyone with the pleasure to meet you something pleasant to look at, in the form of a hat. This may help with the undying problem of townspeople fearing and discriminating against witches.

The general banshee population tends to prefer washed-out colors to help strike misery into those they visit. Their hats reflect these preferences and usually feature white, gray, and occasionally black or tiny spots of red. The most stunning hat I have seen from a banshee as of late was a gray cap covered in thin black lace, with a black veil and a tiny, wilting red rose on the side-it just made me want to cry! The biggest importance in designing for a banshee is sadness-think of something depressing, and put your emotions into the colors and designs.

Farmers’ hats seem to be more for practical use than fashion-but that doesn’t mean they must go without style! They need wide brims to block the wearer’s face from sunburn, and they need to be durable enough to survive long days in the fields. Unfortunately, this generally means very little creativity, because decorations can easily come off when exposed to these conditions, but something simple, such as a colorful ribbon or small feather, can do wonders to improve the sightlines of the hat.

Fairies’ hats are by far the most fun to design! Just about every fairy has a theme, like Greater Greensward’s own Swamp Fairy. These themes can be widely expressed through colors, decorations, and styles. Butterflies in eye-popping oranges, purples, blues and pinks are great, but when fairies have wings of their own other decorations are available- flowers, leaves, silk made to look like water, beads sewn to look like snowflakes. A fairy’s hat brings art, nature and fashion together!

Tree nymph’s hats are fun-the colors vary by season: oranges, yellows, reds and browns are popular in autumn, but lighter colors work best in spring. Bright greens are great for summer, but in winter white and gray seem most common. Tree nymphs’ hats usually resemble a more crown like shape. The most popular decorations are leaves, butterflies, and intricate vine and twig patterns.

Trolls are the hardest to design for. Very few of my fellow trolls really care much about fashion and art at all. I pay special attention whenever a troll comes into the shop and try to suggest something complementary. Simple seems to work best for them, especially since anything they own is in danger of being clubbed in case a fight breaks out. It is very important that we keep matching sets around, because when trolls have multiple heads the different heads tend to have different fashion sense and unless they come to a compromise we could end up with a serious case of clashing (not that I’m not guilty of this myself, Rae, Mae and Kae are complete opposites.) There is also the issue of brims, which need to be fairly small so not to irritate the other heads.

Vampires tend to prefer the color black overall, along with occasional purple and red. When designing for them, I like to imagine the wearer in a dark room, preparing to go hunting. It helps get into the mood. Rarely do they like decorations, so the hats’ artistic focuses tend to be patterns in lace, shape, and bits of color.

Magic in Hats

Hats can be enchanted to do all kinds of things-some make the wearer capable of becoming invisible, or looking like someone else as a disguise. They are most commonly enchanted to carry out a purpose that is challenging for a witch to do independently. If you’re interested in buying a magical hat, make sure you know all of its purposes, tendencies and side effects before using it.

The Top Three Hats of the Month

1.       Kae’s favorite: I spotted a fairy wearing this a few days ago: the cap looked like snow had accumulated there, and running down the back was a veil that looked like a snowfall that ended above her waist. It may be a little late in the year, but gorgeous!

2.       Mae’s favorite: This one was worn by Her Majesty Queen Chartreuse: dark green velvet and sort of cone shaped, with a long gold scarf running down from the top. Intricately drawn into the velvet in gold were some beautiful flowers- I have no idea who the artist was, but bravo!

3.       Rae’s favorite: I designed this one myself, but it was purchased by a vampire: it was covered in black satin, but there were occasional rips showing black lace and purple velvet. It flowed seamlessly into a sort of cape-veil ending halfway down her back.

Thanks for reading, Greater Greensward! If you’re interested in purchasing an enchanted hat, Eleanor Spellbinder’s booth is in the magic marketplace, not far from the fountain.
News from the Mermolympics
by. Alicia the Mermaid

  Last summer, the Mermolympics was held in the waters of the Mertopia Islands. In order to welcome the competitors, the Mermolympics always include mer-dances, The Famous Underwater Band playing their songs, and some animal performances. The Merpeople Olympics Arena is huge! It takes shape of a five point starfish. The Merfolks say that it's about 10 yards wide and 15 yards long. It can be seen by witches or by any living thing that flies 10 feet in mid-air!
  In the beginning, competitors might feel pressure, but as the games continue, the pressure goes away.
  I did well in about half of the competitions. This includes a gold medal and trophy for speed swimming, shell surfing and shell sledding.I also did well in the Magical Seahorse Riding competition. Speed swimming was by far my favorite.
  When I received the gold medals, I felt proud of myself and I was honored to be able to compete and placed first in some of the games in the Mermolympics. Other games that I competed in were: the Mother-of-Pearl Hunting, the seaweed eating contest and a dance competition.
  The Mermolympic welcomes anyone who can breathe and move underwater. The Merpeople Olympics is held every two years, and it lasts for about 2 weeks. Next year, I'll be going to Atlantis, the lost continent. I can't wait! I've been training a lot for it and I believe that I will win!

Cool stuff at Magic Market!
By Sara Welsh

I took a poll to see what people like from the magic market place. The categories are most helpful thing around the house, Best weapon to kill any beast,and best entertainment item. I will say the top three in the categories. The number 1 item everyone likes is the helpful house hold items. The stand is run by Stan Ratch. He sells house items that do stuff them self like wash dishes, do laundry,and make meals but there is many more! The second most poplar household item is a floating cup. When you want coffee or some other drink it just floats over and you do not have to walk! The last but not least is the do-it-self Silverware. It cuts meat and comes to the table it's self! No tough cutting or spreading jam and other stuff. That is smart  Silverware! Next category is best weapon to kill an beasts.  The best weapon is the Sword sold and made by Robert Stible. This sword is not ordinary, it can cut bone! The second best thing is the pocket knife by Kevin Dren. The pocket knife turns in to a sword. Wow that is handy! The third and last thing is a fold up sword made by Grant Kin.
It folds up to fit in your pocket! But it is still strong! Wow That is amazing! The final last catogory is the best entertainment item. Tiny toys are at the top of the charts! They are made by Sally Jinkens. The toys shrink after you play with them! Then they can fit in your pocket! The second most awesome amazing thing is  The command ball sold by Fern Hill. You tell the Command ball how high to bounce! You can make it stop by saying STOP! It is fun for all age kids! The last item is the stuff toybox sold by Miranda Conn. The toybox can hold as many toys as you need it to! It is great to store alot of diffrent things! That was all the catogories! I hope you liked the things and go buy some!
The New Revised Gazette
by Princess Emeralda

After a good start, the gazette faced a serious setback when harpies invaded the neighborhood of the editor, Oakley Treekin.  Although the tree in which Oakley lives was not damaged, the surrounding area was so befouled that he and his neighbors were forced to move.  Oakley has now relocated to a lovely neighborhood in the Enchanted Forest, and has once again agreed to shoulder the task of editing the kingdom’s gazette.  He has also enlisted the help of new staff reporters whose work you can enjoy today.  Thank you, reporters, for helping Oakley inform and entertain the subjects of Greater Greensward.  Should anyone have any suggestions for future article topics for the gazette, Oakley Treekin may be reached by contacting Oakleytreekin@gmail.com .

Learnings From Leonardo!
by- Leonardo the Giant

Hi I’m Leonardo I am a giant who has big ears and small feet I loves gossip and cant get a an of. I share my finds with the people so listen up this will be exiting

I was sitting on my hill listen for gossip when I heard Eadric’s brother Bradston was coming to town and that Eadric was extremely nervous. I don’t have all the details about why he was so nervous because his conversation was interrupted. I do know that they did not get along well and there was a disagreement about having about having a witch in the family. The last vist involved trolls. They had not spoken since he had gotten married Eadric was trying his best to make the castle fancy.

Then I heard a were wolf howl from the woods its howl made my ears ring for many days and on top of that what would happen if came it could kill us all watch out and don’t go into the woods only if you dare

After that I turned my attention to the magic market place. I saw a shop keeper named Pickle drag a large black bag to a garbage can. He is greedy and who know what he would do. The next few days his brother max one of the nicest trolls in the world was missing. What do you think happened?

Coming Next Issue....

The Return of Bob the Stableman's Tips on Unusual Creatures you might encounter in the Enchanted Forest! Stay Tuned!!!!
Inns and Taverns: Where to Eat, Sleep and Enjoy Yourself
Written by George Barley with assistance by Priscilla his pet chicken

I will review some of the inns and taverns in the area. First Pricilla and I visited the Turquoise Turtle Tavern (also known as the triple T). When we first walked in (well I walked Pricilla was perched on my arm at the time), it was extraordinary. I could practically see Priscilla’s beak drop, everything was turquoise and/or covered in turtles. The music was also amazing, it was played by enchanted instruments! The drums looked like turtle shells and the guitar looked like a turtle with an outstretched neck. All the waiters and waitresses were wearing a turtle shell hat, so I walked toward the stand where you wait to be seated and there was a tortoise standing there with a MY NAME IS MELVIN badge on. I put Priscilla on the brim of my hat and Melvin seated us at a table with an extremely high chair for Priscilla, I sat down and they brought out two of the house specials, turquoise ale and it was indeed turquoise, and turtle soup. It was not made of turtles, it was turtle shaped chicken. Both the ale and the soup were extraordinary and then the owner came out and answered our questions. I reached out and plucked a feather from Priscilla’s tail and she made a very loud SQUACK then I pulled out some parchment and ink. The manager said his name was Marvin Willows, he established the triple T 5 years ago. He met Melvin the tortoise at the Magic Marketplace and was Marvin’s first employee. After the interview, Priscilla hopped on the brim of my hat and we left to go to our next stop.
The Prickly Stump Inn is about half a mile away from the Greater Greensward Castle down a road called Bramble Lane. At the very end of the road there is a stump covered in prickles and nettles. It was huge, bigger than those deluxe carriages! There was a signpost next to it that said: push the knot on the stump to enter The Prickly Stump Inn. So I pushed the knot and and we heard a popping noise behind us so I turned around and there was a tree with a door sticking open. I walked into the opening and the door swung closed behind us, we were in a tiny room, it was about the size of a privy. Then all of a sudden the room felt like we were falling downwards. Suddenly it stopped and the door swung open and I was standing in front of a writing desk with a person standing behind it. I told her that Priscilla and I, were here to eat supper, spend the night and eat breakfast. She handed me a piece of bread and said here is your dinner sir you may eat it while I show you and your chicken to your room. The meal was the smallest meal I have ever eaten. So ladies and gentlemen, I suggest the if you happen to visit The Prickly Stump, I would recommend a triple serving because breakfast turned out to be the same as supper. There were also nettles in the mattress and Priscilla and I were forced into sharing a pallet. The next time you need an inn I do not recommend The Prickly Stump.
The next place we visited was called the Ignatius Inn. It’s a toadstool the size of three good sized cottages. They have wonderful food, their specialty is mushrooms and they are about a mile away from Greater Greensward to the west. Their entertainment is magic dancing mushrooms and it was the best show Priscilla and I have ever seen! The mushrooms moved with such a beautiful and graceful manner. Their beds are so sensationally comfortable that Priscilla and I slept till NOON! Now I shall tell you what’s wrong with the inn, you must be specific on what time you are leaving for Priscilla and I would have slept longer than noon, so that they had awaken us, because we said we would leave late morn not noon.
Then we traveled to The Fern Tavern. It’s an old small shed two miles off the east side of the Greater Greensward Castle. When you walk in its huge! About the size of a large cabin and their food melts on your tongue. But their entertainment is the worst I have ever heard. It was hand played instruments that sound like dying ducks. I should most definitely recommend it for food, but not for a night of entertainment.
We also visited The Gurgling Stream Inn. It’s a short walk from the castle about half a mile. I don’t have much to say about them. There were nettles in their mattress, no entertainment and about average tasting food.
The last place we visited was The Pine Soil Tavern about an hour carriage ride from the south side of the castle. It has horrifying ale and no food for it is infested with rats and they had eaten their pantry’s contents. I do not recommend this tavern.
We hope this helps you make your travels a little easier.