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Fairy Wings
Pub. Date: April  2008
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing Plc

This book was formerly titled...
Wings: A Fairy Tale
Tales of E.D. Baker
From the Publisher
When Tamisin discovers real wings growing from her back she wants to know what is making her supposedly normal life so weird. But before she can piece together the facts, she is kidnapped by goblins and brought to the land of fairies, goblins and many other magical creatures… including her real mother, Titania, the fairy queen.  As she  falls in love with Jak, who’s half goblin, and realizes the depth of her human parents’ love for her, she finds that having a set of beautiful wings suddenly sprout from your shoulder blades isn’t all bad, and there are many good reasons to fly….


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There's the mortal world, and then there's the world of the fey-where they touch are doors that only the fey can use. When Tamisin was 11, she began seeing goblins on Halloween; as the goblins become aware that she has this ability, adventures ensue. Halflings in both worlds have a hard time and struggle with prejudicial treatment, which readers and Tamisin both learn as half-goblin and new-boy-at-school Jak's story unfolds. As Tamisin struggles with pointed ears and the sudden onset of wings growing out of her back, her origins become clear. Gradually the human world fades in importance as adventures in the world of the fey take over, with magical happenings closer to fairy tales than real life. Tamisin discovers her place in a world ruled by Titania, the Queen of the fairies, and she finds that Jak's halfling status brings them together to defeat the goblins' evil intent. This relinquishment of the real world is a loss, since 15-year-old Tamisin's friends and family are more compelling characters than the fey. For fairy fans only. (Fiction. 10-14)
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