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Below you will find a listing of discussion questions for each book in the Frog Princess series. These questions have been developed by E.D. Baker to be used in a reading group or classroom discussion of the series.

The Frog Princess

What do you think would have happened if Emma had not gone to the swamp to avoid Prince Jorge?  

Why didn't Emma want to kiss the frog?  What would you have done in her place?  

What do you think the most difficult thing to learn about surviving as a frog would be?  

What do you think happened to Mudine?  

What do you think Vannabe did after the animals escaped from the cottage?  

How did Grassina help Emma and Eadric after she learned about their dilemma?  Why didn’t she do more to help them?  

Choose a scene from The Frog Princess.  What did you like about it?  What would you have added to make it even more descriptive?  

How would you describe Emma’s and Eadric’s personalities?  

Dragon’s Breath

Why did Olivene want to keep Haywood and Grassina apart?  How successful was she?

Why did Olefat steal the old witches’ personalities?  

Do you think the way the witches from the Old Witches Retirement Community punished Olefat Wizard was appropriate?   What about Metoo?  What would you have done differently if you had been one of the witches?  

What do you think Nastia Nautica did when she woke up?  

What other magical objects do you think Emma and Eadric might have found for sale in the magic marketplace?  

If you were a dragon, what would be your favorite event in the Dragon Olympics?

What did Emma do that allowed her to be called a dragon friend?

Why was Olivene so hard on Grassina?  

Once Upon A Curse

Where did Emma look for a way to end the family curse?  

Why was it so important to Emma that she end the curse?

Why didn’t her family believe that she could do it?

Why didn’t Haywood want to kiss Grassina?  What do you think would have happened if he had?

What did Emma plan to do when she went back in time?

How did Emma’s presence in the past affect what happened?  Do you think that the Swamp Fairy would have said the curse if Emma hadn’t gone back in time and made the changes that she did?

Who was the real first Green Witch?  

How do you think Li’l reacted when Garrid came to see her after the tournament?  

No Place For Magic

Why do you think Emma and her mother still had such a strained relationship?

In the beginning of the story, why didn’t Eadric’s parents like Emma?  How do you think they would have felt about her if she hadn’t been a witch?  

Who accompanied Emma and Eadric to Upper Montevista?  Who did they meet along the way?  What did Emma learn from the people she met?

If you were Emma and could come up with a magic spell, but didn’t want anyone to know that you had, what would you have done to stop the drunken giant?

What did Eadric’s parents think had happened to Bradston?  What really happened?

What did Emma and Eadric do to escape from the cockatrice breeding ground?  What would you have done differently?  

How would you describe the troll queen’s four heads?  If you were to write about a troll, how many heads would it have and what would they be like?  

Who defended the castle when the trolls attacked and what did they do to defend it?  How did the troll queen get inside?  

How did Emma’s ability to turn into a dragon help her in this story?  What decisions did it force her to make about Eadric?  

If you could become a dragon, how would it change your life? 

Who else do you think Emma and Eadric should have invited to their wedding?

By the end of the story, how did Eadric’s parents feel about Emma being a witch?

The Salamander Spell

Why didn’t King Aldrid believe in the curse before it changed his wife?

After the curse changed Olivene from a good witch to a nasty one, what did she do to her husband and children?

What do you think happened when Olivene was a chicken that she didn’t want to talk about later?

What do you think Olivene would have done if she’d found Pippa in Grassina’s bed chamber?

What was Olivene doing during the thunderstorm?

Why did Chartreuse say such horrible things to Grassina after their encounter with the ghosts and the shadow beast?

What do you think would have happened if Grassina hadn’t run away from home?

Grassina encountered three different kinds of dangerous creatures in the enchanted forest.  Which do you think was the worse?

Why do you think Olivene threw Aldrid’s possessions down the dungeon stairs?

If you had small magic like Haywood, what other insects, birds or animals would you have called upon to help Grassina fight the manticore?
Discussion Questions

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